Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Will using a browser other than Internet Explorer keep me from accessing ArkNet?

    Internet Explorer works with ArkNet very well, but ArkNet should also work with Fire Fox, and possibly other browsers.

  2. Why do I only have 15 minutes to process my claim on ArkNet?

    Due to security reasons the maximum amount of time to enter your claim is 15 minutes. That time starts when you log in.

  3. I am getting an "Errors Encountered" message when I try to log in to ArkNet. What do I do?

    If you get the "Errors Encountered" message when attempting to log in to ArkNet check the following two things:

    • Security Settings----If your computer security setting/pop-up blocker is on "High" it may interfere with ArkNet's ability to load properly

    • Delete Cookies----Before logging in to ArkNet, delete your cookies from your Temporary Internet Files. Certain cookies may interfere with ArkNet's ability to load properly

  4. I am getting a message that says I cannot connect to the data-base. What does that mean?

    There are three reasons you are getting that message:

    • ArkNet is down so that maintenance can be performed on the system

    • Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) has lost connectivity

    • There is a high volume of traffic on ArkNet

    If you get a message stating you cannot connect to the data base you should try processing your claim at a later time.

  5. What PIN do I use for ArkNet?

    If you already have a Personal Identification Number (PIN) that you are using to claim your weekly unemployment insurance benefits on ArkLine, you can use it to claim weekly benefits on ArkNet -- otherwise you will be asked to establish a four-digit PIN the first time you access ArkNet.

  6. What do I do if I my PIN locks on ArkNet?

    Contact your local office and let them know that your PIN is locked. Once they verify your identity, they will unlock your PIN and you should be able to return to ArkNet and set a new PIN.

  7. What do I do if I realize that I have answered a question incorrectly while I am filing my claim, but before it is certified?

    Simply log out and re-enter the site. Your claim is not processed until you certify the claim at the end.

  8. What do I do if I realize that I have answered a question incorrectly after I have certified my claim and it shows that it has been processed?

    Contact your local office immediately to let them know what has happened. They will instruct you on what you need to do to correct the information.

  9. Are the questions for ArkNet different than the ones used on ArkLine?

    The questions asked on ArkNet are basically the same as the questions on ArkLine. The main difference is that it is easier to report earnings and other payments using ArkNet.

  10. Will my check be processed faster if I am using ArkNet?

    ArkNet works just like ArkLine with respect to how the information is processed to have the checks written. Using ArkNet will not guarantee that you will receive your check sooner than if you used ArkLine.